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At Rules

CSS @-rules(at rules) enable authors to provide specialized style related functionality or instructions to the browser software. Click each of them to learn more and see code examples.

@charset The @charset declaration specifies the character encoding for an external style sheet.

@counter-style The @counter-style rule allows authors to specify custom counter styles for list markers and generated content.

@document The @document rule is used to specify that only a certain document or group of documents can have the contained styles applied to them.

@font-face The CSS @font-face rule is used to embed custom fonts into documents.

@font-feature-values The CSS @font-feature-values rule is used to define named values for swash or alternate glyph indexes in certain fonts.

@import The CSS @import rule is used to import style sheets.

@keyframes The CSS @keyframes rule is used to rig keyframe animations with the animation property.

@media The CSS @media rule is used to create conditional responsive alterations to applied styles.

@namespace The CSS @namespace rule is used to specify namespaces in CSS.

@page describe this rule...

@supports The @supports rule will only apply its contained styles if the browser software supports the property+value pair specified.



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