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The CSS azimuth property is part of CSS level 2 aural content programming. It is used to specify the -360° to 360° horizontal direction a sound is coming from. Certain speaker systems and headphones have the ability to render surround sound, and some people have software that can read the text aloud to them for an audible rendering of document content. Use azimuth together with the elevation property to create a 3D sound stage environment with different voices coming from different directions. The elevation property controls the vertical plane of a sound while azimuth controls the horizontal plane of a sound. note: Text-to-Speech software must be CSS-aware for this audio effect to work. It is only handy for screen readers and text-to-speech systems that are CSS-aware, which not many are. If the text-to-speech software you are using is not CSS-aware, the property will render no direction effect to the text spoken.
CSS Syntaxazimuth: 70deg;
JavaScript = "70deg";


Angle - specify a direction between -360° to 360°. An azimuth setting of "0deg" makes sound come from the front, "90deg" is the right side, "180deg" is behind, and "270deg" is sound coming from the left side. left-side - keyword for a "270deg" position. far-left - keyword for a "300deg" position, when used with the 'behind' keyword makes "240deg". left - keyword for a "320deg" position, when used with the 'behind' keyword makes "220deg". center-left - keyword for a "340deg" position, when used with the 'behind' keyword makes "200deg". center -keyword for a "0deg" position, when used with the 'behind' keyword makes "180deg". center-right - keyword for a "20deg" position, when used with the 'behind' keyword makes "160deg". right - keyword for a "40deg" position, when used with the 'behind' keyword makes "140deg". far-right - keyword for a "60deg" position, when used with the 'behind' keyword makes "120deg". right-side - keyword for a "90deg" position. leftwards - move the sound 20° counter-clockwise in relation to its current angle. rightwards - move the sound 20° clockwise in relation to its current angle.
Initial value: center Used on: all elements Animatable: no see animatable properties CSS level: 2 Web standard: yes what's this?

CSS Code Example

<style> h1 { azimuth: 70deg; } h3 { azimuth: behind left; } p { azimuth: left; } </style> <h1>This is header1 content</h1> <h3>This is header3 content</h3> <p>This is my paragraph content.</p>

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