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A listing of the HTML elements with a brief description next to each. Click the element names for more information.

a - navigation link abbr - describe an abbreviation in text address - contact information area - image map hotspot link article - container for one or more related sentences or paragraphs aside - related but not integral content audio - sound object with optional player controls b - make text bold base - specify a base URL bdi - isolate text for formatting rtl(right to left) reading languages bdo - text direction override blockquote - quoted material from another source body - parent container for all of the content in the document br - break line in text button - all-purpose button canvas - drawing and animation rendering element caption - table caption cite - cite a source code - display source code col - lends characteristics to a table column colgroup - create a grouping of table columns data - offer a machine readable version of content datalist - data list for another control in the document dd - value part of a definition list del - deleted content details - toggle information control dfn - defining instance of a term in text dialog - dialog box popup div - all-purpose container dl - definition lise dt - definition term em - emphasis on text embed - embed plugins and media resources fieldset - form input grouping container figcaption - caption for the figure element figure - describe a reference made in the document footer - footer for a content section form - establish a form h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 - headings for section titles head - contain document metadata elements header - header for a content section hr - horizontal rule html - root element i - italicize text iframe - embed another documents img - embed an image input - data intake and editing controls ins - inserted content kbd - keyboard or process instructions keygen - encryption generator for form submissions label - label form elements legend - title for the fieldset element li - list item link - establish a relationship with external documents main - main content of the document map - image mapping mark - highlight text meta - establish metadata meter - gauge or graphing bar nav - main navigation links container noscript - handle users that disable JavaScript object - embed media object ol - ordered list optgroup - group options option - establish options in a drop down select element output - calculation output p - paragraph param - object parameter pre - preserve white space and new lines in text progress - progress bar q - quoted string rb, rp, rt, rtc, ruby - ruby annotations s - strike text out samp - program output script - add script to the document section - content section select - drop down option selector small - make text smaller source - source resources for audio and video span - isolate content for styling differences strong - stress importance in text style - add css style properties to the document sub, sup - subscript and superscript text formats summary - title for the details element table - table container tbody - group rows in a table td - a table cell template - template for cloning elements through script textarea - multiline text input tfoot - footer rows in a table th - header cells in a table thead - heading rows in a table time - date and time related content title - title of the document tr - a table row track - text track for media subtitles u - underline text ul - unordered list var - variable video - video object with optional player controls wbr - line break hint in long strings



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