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The <article> element is a container used to markup written compositions on a page. It could represent an individual comment or feedback that a reader submitted. It could represent an entire article or blog entry. When used semantically it should have a heading element(h1-h6) nested inside of it to describe or title the content that it contains.

Code Example

<article> <h2>The Power of Informal Online Learning Methods</h2> <p>Many people are learning online free in this day and age. As...</p> <a href="">Reference link</a> </article>


globals - the global attributes common to all elements possible values: see global attribute list



aabbraddressareaasidearticleaudiobbasebdobdiblockquotebodybrbuttoncanvascaptioncitecodecolcolgroupdatadatalistdddeldetailsdfndialogdivdldtemembedfieldsetfigcaptionfigurefooterformh1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6headheaderhrhtmliiframeimginputinskbdkeygenlabellegendlilinkmainmapmarkmetameternavnoscriptobjectoloptgroupoptionoutputpparampreprogressqrb rp rt rtc rubyssampscriptsectionselectsmallsourcespanstrongstylesub supsummarytabletbodytdtemplatetextareatfootththeadtimetitletrtrackuulvarvideowbr