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The <del> element is used to represent deleted text or text that is visually marked out from the rest of the text around it. After you delete content you may want to insert some text to replace the text you just marked as deleted by using the <ins> element.

Code Example

<h2>Project To-Do List</h2> <ul> <li><del datetime="2015-10-19T21:20:50.52Z">Purchase the domain name</del></li> <li><del datetime="2015-10-19T21:43:21.08Z">Purchase hosting</del></li> <li><del datetime="2015-10-26T18:09:37.24Z">Program the application</del></li> <li>Launch the project beta</li> </ul> open in code editor


globals - the global attributes common to all elements possible values: see global attribute list cite - refer to a URL that explains why the text was deleted possible values: "url string" datetime - the date or date-time the text was deleted possible values: "date-time syntax defined here"

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