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The <iframe> element is used to insert an independent document or application into your web page. We can also place navigation links to allow the user to change the iframe content. You will sometimes see this element at work in WYSIWYG software development, and is also the rendering viewport for software like the DocSnip Code Editor. It is a very versatile element.

Code Example

<p> <a href="" target="myiframe">Target 1</a> <a href="" target="myiframe">Target 2</a> </p> <iframe name="myiframe" src="index.html" width="500" height="250"></iframe> <iframe srcdoc="<h2>Welcome to the show</h2><p>I like cake</p>"></iframe> open in code editor


globals - the global attributes common to all elements possible values: see global attribute list src - specify the source document possible values: "path/to/document" srcdoc - specify content to render in the iframe window possible values: "some content" name - name given to the iframe possible values: "string" sandbox - disable features for security reasons possible values: "allow-forms", "allow-pointer-lock", "allow-popups", "allow-same-origin", "allow-scripts", "allow-top-navigation" seamless - specify seamless inclusion of the iframe into the document possible values: "seamless" allowfullscreen - specify if the iframe can request full screen display possible values: "allowfullscreen" width - specify the element width(consider using CSS width settings instead) possible values: "integer", "percentage" height - specify the element height(consider using CSS height settings instead) possible values: "integer", "percentage"

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