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The <textarea> element is used in <form> applications to create a multiline text input. It could also be used as a stand-alone component that is tied to Ajax server-side data transmission.

Code Example

<textarea name="message" rows="6" style="width:100%;" placeholder="type here"></textarea> open in code editor


globals - the global attributes common to all elements possible values: see global attribute list autofocus - give focus to the element when the document loads possible values: value not required cols - specify the maximum character amount per line possible values: "integer" disabled - disables the element possible values: value not required dirname - specify directionality of the text in the input element possible values: "input_name.dir=ltr", "input_name.dir=rtl" form - associate the element to a form possible values: "form id" inputmode - specify the most helpful content input mechanism possible values: "verbatim", "latin", "latin-name", "latin-prose", "full-width-latin", "kana", "kana-name", "katakana", "numeric", " tel ", "email", "url" maxlength - specify the minimum character length of the value possible values: "integer" minlength - specify the minimum character length of the value possible values: "integer" name - specify a name for the element to be used in form submission possible values: "string" placeholder - specify placeholder text for the element possible values: "string" readonly - specify that the element can be read but not edited possible values: value not required required - specify that the user must fill out the textarea possible values: value not required rows - specify the number of lines to show possible values: "integer" wrap - specify how the data should be wrapped in the form submission possible values: "soft", "hard"

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