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Objects are the data types and built-in interfaces of the JavaScript programming language. Each variable or literal value that we work with in our script is associated with a specific type of object that we can study all of the properties/methods/events of. Developers may create custom objects to extend the language and work with class-like code structures. Developers may also prototype the built-in objects to add useful properties or methods not built into the object's interface.

Discover the object type and constructor function of any object in a script using the typeof operator and constructor property: var myvar = "hello"; alert( typeof myvar ); alert( myvar.constructor );

Object List

Arguments - work with function arguments. Array - work with array data. Audio - work with sound and audio. Boolean - work with boolean values. Date - work with time and dates. Document - work with the entire document tree. Element - work with elements. Function - work with the function constructor. Global - work with the Global object. History - work with the user's navigation history. Math - work with mathematics and calculations. Navigator - work with the user's browser software. Number - work with number data. Object - work with custom objects( + oop and class development ). RegExp - work with regular expressions. Screen - work with the user's screen. Storage - work with persistent data. String - work with string data. Window - work with the container of the document. XMLHttpRequest - work with Ajax data transmission.



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