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Statements control the flow of a script's execution. They instruct the program to carry out special actions such as looping, conditional logic, declaring variables, declaring functions and more.

Statement List

break - terminate a loop, switch or label statement. const - declare a constant value in the script. continue - bypass specified iterations of a loop. do while - an inverted while statement. for - iterate over object properties or array elements. for in - iterate over object properties or array elements. if...else - evaluate according to conditions. label - prefix an identifiable label to statements. let - assign a value to a named identifier in the scope of a block statement. return - return a value from a function. switch - evaluate according to conditions. try...catch - try code, and catch subsequent errors. var - declare one or more variables. while - an iteration and looping mechanism. with - make an object govern a segment of code. block - zero or more statements grouped together inside curly braces( { ... } ). debugger - suspend execution when script is being debugged. for...of - iterate over property values instead of property names.



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