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Check PHP Information

Before an author can work with PHP scripts and files, they must check to see if it is enabled on their online server or local machine. Use the php_check.php file below to test whether or not a server or machine is ready. If PHP is enabled, the phpinfo( ) function will list the server configuration details. 1. Create a new blank file in your favorite text editor. 2. Place the code below into the new file and save it as "php_check.php". 3. Put it on your server, and view it with browser software. <?php echo "<h1>Congratulations, your server can process PHP!</h1>"; echo "<h3>Here you can view the PHP configuration on your server</h3>"; phpinfo(); exit(); ?> <h1>Sorry, PHP is not enabled on this server.</h1> <h3>Check your host provider documentation or contact your host provider to ask them how to enable PHP.</h3>



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