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In every programming language variables represent data that falls under a certain data type or predefined data available in the programming language. Variables allow authors to pre-process data, access server data and transmit data when needed. There are author defined and predefined variables in PHP.

PHP Variable Types

Basic Variables - Author defined variables Variable variables - Dynamcially named author defined variables Superglobals - Superglobals are built-in variables that are always available in all scopes $GLOBALS - References all variables available in global scope $_SERVER - Server and execution environment information $_GET - HTTP GET variables $_POST - HTTP POST variables $_FILES - HTTP File Upload variables $_REQUEST - HTTP Request variables $_SESSION - Session variables $_ENV - Environment variables $_COOKIE - HTTP Cookies $php_errormsg - The previous error message $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA - Raw POST data $http_response_header - HTTP response headers $argc - The number of arguments passed to script $argv - Array of arguments passed to script



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