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Array Functions Reference list
Array Functions Reference List



array_change_key_case() Change all key case
array_chunk() Returns a multidimensional array of the chunked array
array_combine() Combine two arrays, one array becomes the keys and the other the values
array_count_values() Count values in an array
array_diff() Evaluate the difference in arrays
array_fill_keys() Specify keys of an array as it gets values put into it
array_fill() Fill an array with values specifying starting index and fill value
array_filter() Filters elements
array_flip() Swap all keys with their values
array_intersect() Evaluate the intersection of arrays
array_key_exists() Checks if the given key or index exists
array_keys() List all keys
array_merge_recursive() Recursively merge elements from two or more arrays
array_merge() Merge the elements from one or more arrays
array_multisort() Sort multiple arrays
array_pad() Pad an array to match a given length
array_pop() Pop the last element off the end
array_product() Get the product of values
array_push() Add to the end of an array
array_rand() Get random items from an array
array_reduce() Reduce the array to a single value
array_replace_recursive() Replace array data recursively
array_replace() Replace array data
array_reverse() Reverse an array
array_search() Returns the key of values searched for and found in an array
array_shift() Remove the first element in an array and return the value
array_slice() Remove a specified element of an array
array_splice() Replace a specified element of an array
array_sum() Evaluate the sum of values in an array
array_unique() Removes duplicate values from an array
array_unshift() Add elements to the beginning of an array
array_values() Return all the values of an array
array_walk_recursive() Run a function recursively on every item of an array
array_walk() Run a function on every item of an array
arsort() Sort an array in reverse and maintain index association
asort() Sort an array and maintain index association
compact() Uses variable names as keys and their values as array values
count() Count elements in an array
current() Return the current element
each() Return the current key value pair
end() Move the internal pointer to the last element in an array
extract() Create PHP variables with values from an array
in_array() Checks if a value exists in an array
key() Get a key from an array
krsort() Sort an array by key in reverse order
ksort() Sort an array by key
list() Create a list of variables from an array
natcasesort() Sort an array using a case insensitive natural order algorithm
natsort() Sort an array using a natural order algorithm
next() Move the internal pointer of an array ahead
pos() See current()
prev() Move the internal pointer of an array backward
range() Returns an array made up of a range of elements from an original array
reset() Move the internal pointer of an array to the first element
rsort() Sort an array in reverse order
shuffle() Randomly shuffle an array
sizeof() See count()
sort() Sort an array
uasort() Sort an array with a user defined comparison
uksort() Sort an array by keys with a user defined comparison
usort() Sort an array by values with a user defined comparison

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