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Math Object Javascript

The Javascript Math object sports a set of built-in methods and constants for performing mathematical calculations in scripts.

Methods of the Math Object

ceil - round a decimal number up to a whole number regardless of decimal value

var num = 5.3;
var result = Math.ceil(num);
document.write(result); // 6


floor - round a decimal number down to a whole number regardless of decimal value

var num = 2.8;
var result = Math.floor(num);
document.write(result); // 2


max - returns the largest number out of a set of numbers

var result = Math.max(3,8,5,2);
document.write(result); // 8


min - returns the smallest number out of a set of numbers

var result = Math.min(600,800,500,900);
document.write(result); // 500


random - returns a random decimal number between "0" and "1"

var result = Math.random();

// 1 - 10 random number (multiply random() by 10, round down and add 1)
var rand_1_thru_10 = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1;


round - round a decimal number naturally

var num = 7.3;
var result = Math.round(num);
document.write(result); // 7


sqrt - returns the square root of a number

var num = 144;
var result = Math.sqrt(num);
document.write(result); // 12


Trigonometric Methods of the Math Object
abs - returns the distance a number must go to reach 0
acos - returns the arc cosine of a number(number range: -1.0 to 1.0)
asin - returns the arc sine of a number (number range: -1.0 to 1.0)
atan - returns the arctangent of a number
atan2 - returns the arctangent of the quotient of its arguments(Ypoint,Xpoint)
cos - returns the cosine of the number (returns a value between -1 and 1)
log - returns the natural logarithm of a number
pow - returns base number to the exponent power
sin - returns the sine of a number
tan - returns the tangent of a number

var num_abs = Math.abs(aNumber);
var num_acos = Math.acos(aNumber);
var num_asin = Math.asin(aNumber);
var num_atan = Math.atan(aNumber);
var num_atan2 = Math.atan2(Ypoint,Xpoint);
var num_cos = Math.cos(aNumber);
var num_log = Math.log(aNumber);
var num_pow = Math.pow(base,exponent);
var num_sin = Math.sin(aNumber);
var num_tan = Math.tan(aNumber);


Constants(properties) of the Math Object

E - Euler's constant. The base of Natural Logarithms.
LN2 - Natural logarithm of 2
LN10 - Natural logarithm of 10
LOG2E - Base 2 logarithm of E
LOG10E - Base 10 logarithm of E
PI - Ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter
SQRT1_2 - Square root of 1/2
SQRT2 - Square root of 2

var eul = Math.E; // 2.718281828459045
var ln2 = Math.LN2; // 0.6931471805599453
var ln10 = Math.LN10; // 2.302585092994046
var log2e = Math.LOG2E; // 1.4426950408889634
var log10e = Math.LOG10E; // 0.4342944819032518
var pi = Math.PI; // 3.141592653589793
var sq1_2 = Math.SQRT1_2; // 0.7071067811865476
var sq2 = Math.SQRT2; // 1.4142135623730951


Trigonometric Formulas

Formula for calculating radians:

 radians = degrees * Math.PI/180   

Formula for calculating degrees from radians:

 degrees = radians * 180/Math.PI   


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