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CheckBox Component Tutorial

In this Flash AS3 video tutorial and free fla source file download beginners can learn how to use the flash checkbox component to dynamically create checkboxes for allowing a user to select or deselect items. The checkbox component is ideal for certain information gathering situations you would come across in your Flash ActionScript 3.0 projects. import fl.controls.CheckBox; cart_txt.text = "Your Shopping Cart Contains:"; var checkbox1 = new CheckBox(); var checkbox2 = new CheckBox(); checkbox1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, updateList); checkbox2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, updateList); checkbox1.label = "Milk"; checkbox2.label = "Bread"; checkbox1.x = 80; checkbox1.y = 60; checkbox2.x = 80; checkbox2.y = 80; addChild(checkbox1); addChild(checkbox2); function updateList (event:MouseEvent):void { cart_txt.text = "Your Shopping Cart Contains:\n\n"; if (checkbox1.selected == true) cart_txt.appendText(checkbox1.label + "\n"); if (checkbox2.selected == true) cart_txt.appendText(checkbox2.label + "\n"); }

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