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Slider Component Tutorial

In this Flash and Actionscript 3.0 tutorial we learn how to program the slider component and access the value of what the user changes the slider to. The Slider component allows users to select a value by dragging a slider button between the two end points of the slider track. The value of the Slider component is determined by the relative location of the thumb between the end points of the slider, corresponding to the minimum and maximum values of the Slider component. import; boobSlider_txt.text = "Boob Size: 5"; boobSlider.value = 5; boobSlider.addEventListener(SliderEvent.CHANGE, boobsResize); function boobsResize (event:SliderEvent):void { boobSlider_txt.text = "Boob Size: " +; boobies.scaleX = / 5; boobies.scaleY = / 5; }

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