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Social Network Header Logic Dynamic Links Example Script

Learn to program php and mysqli logic into your header file that will render dynamic links needed for your social network site users. If the user is not logged in they should see a different set of links than your logged in members. You can also use this area to query numbers that represent the amounts of notifications or friend requests a particular user has in your social network website system. <?php // It is important for any file that includes this file, to have // check_login_status.php included at its very top. $envelope = '<img src="images/note_dead.jpg" width="22" height="12" alt="Notes" title="This envelope is for logged in members">'; $loginLink = '<a href="login.php">Log In</a> &nbsp; | &nbsp; <a href="signup.php">Sign Up</a>'; if($user_ok == true) { $sql = "SELECT notescheck FROM users WHERE username='$log_username' LIMIT 1"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); $row = mysqli_fetch_row($query); $notescheck = $row[0]; $sql = "SELECT id FROM notifications WHERE username='$log_username' AND date_time > '$notescheck' LIMIT 1"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); $numrows = mysqli_num_rows($query); if ($numrows == 0) { $envelope = '<a href="notifications.php" title="Your notifications and friend requests"><img src="images/note_still.jpg" width="22" height="12" alt="Notes"></a>'; } else { $envelope = '<a href="notifications.php" title="You have new notifications"><img src="images/note_flash.gif" width="22" height="12" alt="Notes"></a>'; } $loginLink = '<a href="user.php?u='.$log_username.'">'.$log_username.'</a> &nbsp; | &nbsp; <a href="logout.php">Log Out</a>'; } ?> <div id="pageTop"> <div id="pageTopWrap"> <div id="pageTopLogo"> <a href=""> <img src="images/logo.png" alt="logo" title="Web Intersect 2.0"> </a> </div> <div id="pageTopRest"> <div id="menu1"> <div> <?php echo $envelope; ?> &nbsp; &nbsp; <?php echo $loginLink; ?> </div> </div> <div id="menu2"> <div> <a href=""> <img src="images/home.png" alt="home" title="Home"> </a> <!--<a href="#">Menu_Item_1</a> <a href="#">Menu_Item_2</a> --> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>

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