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Thumb Countdown to Specific Date and Time
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Publish Date - Nov 03, 2008     Author - Adam Khoury
Countdown to Specific Date and Time
In this Flash AS3 tutorial Adam Khoury shows how to create a countdown to whatever specific date and time you want. In the example he chose Christmas due to its popularity in the United States. Countdown to any year, date, hour, minute, and exact second. Instead of implementing a timer he simply used two frames to accomplish the same functionality that a complex timer would. Have fun. He shows how to rig a countdown to 2012 near the end of the video.
Lesson Code
//Create a date object for Christmas Morning
var christmas:Date = new Date(2012, 11, 25, 0, 0, 0, 0);
//Current date object
var now:Date = new Date();
// Conditional to snap to frame 3 if it is xmas or past xmas
if (now >= christmas) {
// Set the difference between the two date and times in milliseconds
var timeDiff:Number = christmas.getTime() - now.getTime();
//Convert the timeDiff(which is in milliseconds) into regular seconds-minutes-hours-days
//The Math.floor is the closest rounded integer that is less than or equal to the decimal number
var seconds:Number = Math.floor(timeDiff / 1000);
var minutes:Number = Math.floor(seconds / 60);
var hours:Number = Math.floor(minutes / 60);
var days:Number = Math.floor(hours / 24);
// Set the remainder of the division vars above
hours %= 24;
minutes %= 60;
seconds %= 60;
// String all vars together for display
var timeRemaining:String = "Days= " + days + " Hours= " + hours + " Minutes= " + minutes + " Seconds= " + seconds;
// Display everything in their dynamic text fileds
timeString.text = timeRemaining;
now_txt.text = "Now = " + now;
xmas_txt.text = "Xmas = " + christmas;

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