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Value : as it applies to web development technology

Value is an assignment given to a variable. For instance if I assign a product's price tag to be $500 and it sells, the product then has a value of $500 to me. Or if I have a baby boy I can assign him a name of "Paul", in which case "Paul" is the value assigned for my son's name.

Value in programming usually refers to variables. Let's say I create a new variable named "x", I can place a number value of "10" into that variable. Or a string value of "John". Value is simply a string literal, number, or object that is currently in a variable. When I run a script like that, I am giving the "x" variable a value of "10".

Values in array programming are teamed up with keys. Arrays have something we call key + value pairs inside of them. Key is similar to a variable name, and value can be given to a key. An array can also be void of keys and only hold numbers or string literals, those would be the values in the array.

Regarding web design values are used to specify things in your web page. For instance I might want to place a paragraph <p> tag on my page. Inside of it I need to specify some string literal for visitors to read, that string of text or tags I place in my <p> tag is the value. Values are also assigned in CSS where you first specify a CSS attribute to use, then you supply it with a specific setting. This setting is a value since the attribute we are using may be "color" and we can give it a value of "red". Red is the value for the color attribute in that occasion.